Month: July 2022

The Art of Moving House and the Things That Can Go WrongThe Art of Moving House and the Things That Can Go Wrong

There’s Murphy’s law: “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Moving house is no different. There are risks and uncertainties associated with every step of the process. Problems can occur at any stage, costing you money and nerves. Here are a few things to keep in mind when moving. Hopefully, none of these problems will occur during your move. Listed below are a few of the most common moving mistakes, and tips on how to avoid them.

Avoiding common moving mistakes

While packing is an integral part of moving, it’s easy to make mistakes when you aren’t an expert. One common mistake is not buying enough packing material. Even professionals can only estimate the amount of material you’ll need, so investing in high-quality packing materials is crucial. Also, be sure to check the credentials of any moving company you plan on using. This way, you won’t wind up paying 75% of your estimate and then finding out that the movers disappeared with your furniture.┬áThis can make your move stressful, so take the time to prepare, research and compare movers to ensure you go with a reliable business and not a backyard operator. While you should pack as much of your belongings as possible, sometimes it makes financial sense to leave some behind if there is no use for it. Moving is a stressful experience, there are many ways to improve the process and make it stress-free.

Preventing property damage

While you’re planning to move to a new home, one of the most important tasks is preventing property damage. Damage to property can cost you a large amount of money, if you are moving out of a rental it can cost you your precious deposit. Luckily, there are several ways to protect your property during the move.┬áBefore you move your furniture, make sure you take the time to measure your property. Identify where stairs are and take the necessary precautions. Take note of the dimensions of furniture and other large items. If your new home has a staircase, put an anti-slip cover on it. And make sure you’re aware of how to get your belongings out of the house with as little damage as possible. Remember to hire professional movers if you can afford it!.

Planning for moving house

The first step in planning a move is to gather all the keys to your new home. Next, pack a 24-hour moving kit. Take apart big furniture and distribute heavy items into smaller boxes to minimize injury. Before the big moving date, plan packing at least 8 weeks in advance, you can set up goals for your packing and do a bit each day to make progress and get through it all. Plan your approach and pack one room at a time, ensure you label the boxes and mark which room they belong to, that way you are not spending hours sifting through the box you need. Improper packing may also result in missing items or damaged belonging which can exacerbate an already stressful process.

Be prepared for Plan B

Moving to a new place can be stressful, so avoiding common moving disasters is key to a smooth transition. The entire process can be a stressful time for everyone involved and when things go wrong, they can often have a snowball effect on your to-do list, so you need to plan for the unexpected. You can have the best moving plan in place but if the movers you hired does not turn up on moving day, it is going to cause mayhem. This can have an effect on the cleaner’s inability to do their job, it could affect your inability to hand over the keys to your rental or it can even affect your scheduled flight to your new home if you are moving long distance. So, it is wise to have a plan for this and not leave yourself vulnerable. Plan the furniture pick on a different day to the cleaners, give yourself spare time to hand back your rental and don’t plan for a flight on moving day. If it so happens that the movers do not turn up, you’ll have some room to organize for another to alleviate the stress. Your plan is only as good as the reliability of the movers you choose, so don’t skimp out on quality for the cheapest moving quote.